Northeast Ohio has lagged behind the rest of the country, even in these excellent economic conditions. Congress needs to act on a federal level to ensure that our communities can compete in a 21st-century business climate. We also need to address the concerns of voters who have lost their jobs in Lordstown. 

 Specific issues:

  • Middle-Class Tax Cuts
    • If elected, I will vote to make the middle-class tax cuts featured in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 permanent. 
  • A 21st Century Workforce 
    • There are millions of workers across America and tens-of-thousands in Northeast Ohio who need retraining to rejoin the economy. If elected to Congress, I will put forward a plan to help offer skills training programs to Americans across the country.
  • Raising Wages
    • A vital part of restoring the Middle Class is trying to raise wages for workers. Under President Trump, we’ve had a blue-collar recovery where low-skilled workers have seen wages rise. Still, more must be done. We can use the free-market to benefit our workers. We should push for tighter labor markets, freezing any expansion on H2-b visas, and penalize companies that replace Americans with foreigners.
  • Infrastructure Investment
    • One of the main reasons Northeast Ohio is not growing as fast as other parts of the country is our infrastructure lacks the investment needed to be competitive. If elected, I will reach across the aisle and sponsor a thorough infrastructure bill that will bring Northeast Ohio into the 21st century.
  • Education
    • Education equality for every student regardless of race, creed, or zip code. We should also recognize all forms of higher education to encompass real-world opportunities such as obtaining education and careers in the skilled trades. One doesn’t have to go to college to be successful. There are many options. We need to invest more heavily in apprenticeship programs, teaching students a trade, which will receive a better ROI than saddling them with insurmountable student debt.
  • Energy Reform
    • We must kick the rust off of the so-called rust belt. Since President Trump eliminated the TPP and instituted a more effective and efficient EPA, Ohio has begun realizing growth in energy output. In many ways, the federal government can also restore the state’s rights to define the energy portfolio that best fits their state economy and energy demands. Ohio has a long term opportunity to be a leading exporter of natural gas. We should support this renaissance in our state to show the nation what energy independence can do for the American economy, our local supply chains, and our overall position in the world.