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Faith. Family. Hard work.

Christina was born and raised in Northeast Ohio as the third generation living on the family farm. With three older brothers, she witnessed the daily rewards and struggles of service-oriented hard-work. At an early age, her parents ingrained the values of faith, family, and service to your community. Christina never forgot these lessons or her blue-collar background.

Serving Ohio.

At the age of 22, while working three jobs and becoming the first in her family to graduate college, Christina was elected to the 50th House District in Ohio, becoming the youngest female to ever serve in the Ohio House of Representatives.

During her time in office, she led the fight on cutting taxes, reducing spending, and protecting Ohio’s most vulnerable. She served on committees vitally

important to the economic stability of Northeast Ohio. Most notably, she was proud to serve on multiple committees during her time in the legislature focused on energy and natural resources, enhancing small businesses and economic development, protecting veterans and our men and women currently serving, and advancing the needs of families across our state.

Christina was nationally recognized by Forbes Magazine, who named her one of their 30 Under 30 for her legislative work on restoring Ohio’s reputation as a national economic leader working to create a better business climate to sustain a robust private-sector job market. She was also asked to serve as an Ohio television and radio surrogate on the successful presidential campaign of President Donald J. Trump. She became an international delegate for the American Council of Young Political Leaders. At the end of 2016, Christina was tapped to Chair the Electoral College in Ohio for President-elect Donald Trump.

Yet of all the recognition she received for her work, the support of voters was the most humbling. Hagan won re-election in three landslide victories, winning by 20 points in 2012, 35 points in 2014, and 46 points in 2016- outperforming every federal and state candidate in the district, including President Trump.

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The District