Meet Christina Hagan

Faith. Family. Hard work.

Growing up on her family’s farm with three older brothers, the young Christina Hagan witnessed the daily rewards and struggles of service-oriented hard-work. In the apartment above her family’s small heating and plumbing business, Christina was raised in an entrepreneurial atmosphere where everyone is expected to chip in with a good attitude to serve others.

Whether helping on service calls, in the office or on the farm, Christina apprenticed herself to her parents who emulated the values that make Northeastern Ohio so strong: faith, family and hard work.


Humble beginnings.

At age 11, Christina began working hard to live her very own American dream. While learning the value of hard work by peeling potatoes in the backroom of a restaurant, this Ohioan kept dreaming new dreams—and pursuing them. Washing dishes and serving tables, she was just getting started in the world of service. To Christina, those she served were more than just customers; they were friends and neighbors who often shared their struggles, their hopes and love of community.

Christina would watch as families bowed their heads in prayer before a meal, and wondered earnestly… What are they praying for? In those tough times, it was likely to find steady work, reliable healthcare and to ensure the safety of their loved ones. Bread and butter issues—literally. From this young age, she felt called to a life of service.


Serving Ohio.

In 2011, while still waiting tables at two restaurants, coaching young women at her alma mater and finishing her degree, the 22-year-old was chosen to serve the 50th House District in Ohio. Representative Hagan became the youngest female ever to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives. Hagan proves time and again that she is the people’s choice, increasing her margin of victory from 20 points in 2012, to 35 in 2014, and by 46 points in her most recent landslide victory—outperforming every federal and state candidate in her district including President Trump and Congressman Renacci. The people have spoken.

After her initial election, Representative Hagan graduated with a degree in Business from Malone University to the cheers of her loving family, as she became the first in her family to obtain a college degree.

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Four terms later, Representative Hagan served in multiple leadership positions, most notably being made the Midwest Chair of the ALEC Women’s Caucus, and Vice Chair of the Energy & Natural Resources Committee for the 131st and 132nd General Assemblies. Hagan also served on the Public Utilities Committee and the Agriculture & Rural Development Committee and has served on the Veterans Affairs Committee, Community and Family Advancement Committee, Small Business and Economic Development Committee, Health and Aging Committee, Advisory on Aging Council, Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs, the Ohio Power Siting Board and the Board of Regents Internship and Co-Op Advisory Board.

In 2016, national recognition for Hagan’s work started pouring in. First, Hagan was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 for her legislative work on restoring Ohio’s reputation as a national economic leader by working to create a better business climate to sustain a strong private sector job market. She was also asked to serve as an Ohio TV and radio surrogate on the successful presidential campaign of President Donald J. Trump who carried her state by over 8% and county by over 17%.