• Secure our borders
    • It’s been almost 20 years since 9/11, and the government still hasn’t fully implemented the recommendations offered in the 9/11 Commission to keep our country safe. As your next Congresswoman, I demand the government carries out the recommendations from the 9/11 Commission including fully functioning biometric exit-entry system, sharing information between federal and state governments, visa security units in embassies overseas, a physical barrier on the border, a secure identification system, tighter controls on student visas, increasing global standards for travel documents, and a layered security system.
  • Nation Build at Home
    • Over the last two decades, our country has spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign countries instead of our own. Our country should create peace dividends and use funds currently spent on foreign countries and spend them on our own country to rebuild our infrastructure, educate our children, and invest in our future.
  • Stand with our Allies
    • America is a global leader that provides safety and security to the world. President Trump has done a great job of making allies pay more for their protection. We must continue to stand with allies, especially Israel, Poland, and Australia, in ensuring the world is safe and stable.