• A culture of debt.
    • Financial Literacy is a skill that Congress should be fluent in. Their irresponsible money management is something that affects not only our national security but also the ins and outs of our daily lives. Congress allows for about $4 trillion a year in spending, although they bring in almost half a trillion less than that in revenue.
    • Our national debt clock has recently exceeded $23 trillion, putting Americans at an all-time high disadvantage.
  • America must tackle waste, fraud, and duplication.
    • Christina proudly cut government excess to achieve a balanced state budget amid a historical 17% budget deficit. She plans on taking that mentality to Washington and reducing our deficit spending.
    • Christina voted against new increased spending during her time in office.
    • Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to ensure we balance the budget going into the future.
    • Just by starting to cut the programs identified by CBO and OBM as duplicative/ineffective, we can begin to save 100’s of Billions over the 10-year budget window.