Why I’m Running: A Message from Christina

My husband Adam and I have called Northeast Ohio home our entire lives and are now raising our three children here. I love this community, like I love my family.

My opponent has disrespected the office of the President during the State of the Union, stood by as radicals and socialists have slowly taken over the House of Representatives, all while Northeast Ohio lags behind the rest of the country in economic growth. He’s repeatedly sought other offices, and lost, clearly demonstrating that the job of serving you in Congress is not his first choice for a job.

I want to restore the traditions that made America Great. I want to restore economic prosperity to lower and middle-class families, advocate for those in Northeast Ohio who feel forgotten, and make the economy work for underprivileged people, those without college degrees, and Americans living in rural areas. I am running to fight against the growing influence of socialism and work to conserve what made America great.